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Area Parks

Diamondville Municipal Park
Miners Memorial Park
Black Diamond Park
Hillcrest Park

believe there is nothing more revealing about a community than its parks. The parks represent a community that has family values and is determined to make the community an enjoyable place to reside. In Diamondville, we are indeed blessed with a wonderful park system. We currently have four parks and are working on an extension/addition of the municipal park. Our Municipal Park is a true family park in that it encompasses many age level activities. Our Miners Memorial Park is a memorial to the people who established our community. Our Black Diamond Park is a tribute to our name. And the Hillcrest Park is proof that we value giving our citizens the chance to enjoy outdoor activities safely. Diamondville’s newest effort is a fishing pond and river fishing area that is currently enjoyed by many. Our desire is to make this a more comfortable area with the addition of restrooms and picnic shelters, along with landscaping to make the area more pleasing. We are very fortunate to enjoy the beauty of having the Hams Fork River run through our community.

Diamondville Municipal Park was first established on February 15, 1943. It began as a project of the local Home Economics Club. It was located in a different section of town from the one it occupies today, and Mrs. Andrew Horsburgh, secretary of the club, reported in the minutes of their meeting in the 1920s that Diamondville Coal & Coke Company had given them permission to place playground equipment on that property. It began with simple playground equipment, one set of swings, one slide, a handle bar merry-go-round and a set of monkey bars.
In January of 1964, the two remaining members of the club asked the Town of Diamondville to remove the equipment from its present location and place it in the Diamondville Municipal Park as a gift from their club.

• The park was later moved to its present location where it blossomed. What was once a small children’s park became a park of multiple and extensive uses. The park is nearly a whole block in size and contains various components. There is a ballpark, a set of tennis courts, a basketball court, a set of horseshoe pits, an outside volleyball court, a large pavilion with picnic tables and barbeques, a stage for bands or other uses like plays, a very large children’s park with multiple types of equipment, and our last and final addition, a skate and dirt bike park.
The park in Diamondville has been reported to be one of the largest and most progressive parks for a small community in Wyoming.

Miners Memorial Park was built totally by donations and volunteer labor. It was established to honor the coal miners, both men and women, of south Lincoln County, past, present, and future, who have created a unique culture in our country, many of them losing their lives in the mines. On display in the park is Diamondville’s only memorial statue.
The park was dedicated on June 1, 1990 with Wyoming’s Governor, Mike Sullivan, and the United Mine Workers of America President, Cecil Roberts, cutting the ribbon. The dedication coincided with the 100th year commemorations for both Wyoming and the UMWA.


WHEREAS, in 1868 coal was discovered on the hillside, across the Hams Fork River, from the present site of the Town of Diamondville; and
WHEREAS, Diamondville’s name was derived from the quality of the coal mined here, as it seemed to resemble black diamonds and was of a superior grade; and WHEREAS, the Miners Memorial Park was built to honor the coal miners of South Lincoln County; past, present and future; the men and women who created a unique way of life in our country; the many who gave their lives in the mines.

NOW THEREFORE, I, MIKE SULLIVAN, Governor of the State of Wyoming, do hereby proclaim June 1, 1990, to be “DEDICATION OF MINERS MEMORIAL PARK” in Diamondville, Wyoming.


Black Diamond Park

The Black Diamond Park began with a need to clean up a piece of property on a steep hillside that abuts the main highway through Diamondville. The Town of Diamondville decided to buy the property and clean it up. A talented member of the town maintenance, street, and parks department, Leonard Winegar, came up with an idea to clean it up and then landscape it. His concept was to place the town logo, a big diamond, on the top, and then rock the slope to beautify the area. Tragically, he died shortly after his design was approved.
It took over eleven years to reach completion. Unable to start the project due to lack of money and help, the mayor who bought into the idea submitted a grant application to the Wyoming Highway Department for the landscaping, which was approved.
A new mayor and council were elected, and the project was completed within two years. It has the logo on the top with rocked slopes has grass, trees, and log fenced area at the bottom that has a large covered bench for resting or relaxing.
This park was dedicated in honor of Leonard Winegar and Mayor Marietta Twitchell on November 2003.
In order for the community to feel part of the process, naming the park was made into a contest where many entries were judged by the mayor and town council. Because his entry underscores the importance of the coal industry to our community’s culture and economy, Lance Hatch’s entry, Black Diamond, won the contest, and he was duly awarded a Diamondville town sweatshirt for his efforts.


Hillcrest Park was established in 1980. It was built in response to a local ordinance that states, “Whenever a new subdivision is acquired, the owners of said subdivision must designate an area called open space”.
The town then set to work to make this open area into a small children’s park that the families in the area could enjoy. Slowly, the town has added pieces of equipment to this park as funds became available.
The local children really enjoy it.

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