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Planning,Zoning & Engineering Dept.

he Diamondville Zoning Board was established to encourage and facilitate orderly growth and development. The members check conformance to the town’s building, electrical, and plumbing codes, and to the zoning ordinances. The board is also charged with writing ordinances, making amendments to existing ordinances, and repealing sections of the town’s ordinances when necessary to make sure that they are within the intent of the town’s vision of development. The board brings any recommendations to the council for acceptance or denial. This board meets once a month for regular business.

Well, here we are to the people who make our town look proper and make sure buildings are safe and up to date with the laws of our land.

Jason Rosas –Board Member

Next is also a long-term, extremely valuable member of the zoning board. His name is Robert Barnes. He has been a valuable asset to Diamondville, and Diamondville would be lost without him.
Robert began his membership on the Planning and Zoning Board in 1988. He feels a sense of responsibility to the town since he has been on the board for so long and knows how things work. It is important to him that people follow the rules that he and the other members of the Zoning Board spend so much time working with. He has always enjoyed his association with the other members of the Zoning Board and the Town Council.
Robert moved to Diamondville after his discharge from the Air Force where he served in Vietnam and other places. He has lived here for thirty years and doesn't plan on moving.

Robert Barnes – Board Member
Picture – Robert, Jenny, and Elaine
Hobbies – Loves to snow machine but doesn't get to do it much anymore


Jessica Yarber –Board Member


Crank Companies Inc.
Pictured left to right:
Bill Rosewarne, Jennica Reed, Amy Butler, Tom Crank, Bill Abriani, Richard Kusaba, Dan Dean and Thomas Lively.

Crank Companies, Inc. has been the Town of Diamondville’s engineering firm for well over 25 years. Tom Crank took over the company from his father, Dale, who was instrumental in bringing this area into modern times. This company has designed our streets, our water and wastewater delivery systems, and even the wastewater treatment plant. They have also done survey work and written grant applications for the town. We even got our building inspector, Amy Butler, from the company.


Phillip Viviano - Zoning Commision and Board Member



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